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COVID-19 has introduced a new NORMAL to our society; Social distancing and safety precautions have become sacrosanct in our daily lives.

In response to the on-going pandemic, The West African Examinations Council, WAEC has introduced an online self service portal that would drastically reduce physical presence of candidates and the general public at any of the Council's offices in Nigeria.

The candidate simply purchases a customer support ticket online to access services and also track the status of their request. The system allows candidate and the general public to interact with WAEC from the comfort of their homes without compromising safety measures.

Do you know there are two types of request tokens?

This only gives you the necessary information and requirements that must be met before you apply for service request. For instance, if you buy token to request information about Attestation of Result, the token will only give you information on requirements and necessary documents you need to provide to access this service. The token does not give you access to make request for the service itself.


This token gives you access to apply for a service request.
It is expedient you already have all necessary requirements needed to apply for the service request.

Already have a Token?

If you have bought a token, you have completed the first step. Next, kindly click on Make Request button to select your request type and complete the process. You can always track the status of your request by clicking on the Track Request button

  • Attestation of Result (Certificate) -1983 and above (₦80,000)
  • Change of Certificate Collection Point (Private Exam only) (₦13,000)
  • Checking status of request (₦1,300)
  • Collection of Certificate (2019 First Series) (₦6,500)
  • Collection of Certificate by proxy - 2004 to 2008 (Private Exam only) (₦32,500)
  • Collection of Certificate by proxy - 2009 to 2013 (Private Exam only) (₦26,000)
  • Collection of Certificate by proxy - 2014 to 2018 (Private Exam only) (₦19,500)
  • Collection of Certificate by proxy -2003 backwards (Private Exam only) (₦39,000)
  • Collection of Certificate by proxy (2019, First Series) (₦13,000)
  • Collection of certificate for 2009 to 2013 (Private Exam only) (₦19,500)
  • Collection of Certificate for 2014 to 2018 (Private Exam only) (₦13,000)
  • Collection of certificate for year 2003 backwards (₦32,500)
  • Collection of certificate for year 2004 to 2008 (Private Exam only) (₦26,000)
  • Confirmation of Result (international) (₦52,000)
  • Confirmation of Result (local) (₦19,500)
  • Confirmation of Result to African countries & Embassy in Nigeria (₦39,000)
  • Consolidated Result request from University on CD (₦390,000)
  • General Enquiry/Complaint (₦1,300)
  • Online Verification of Result (₦7,500)
  • Re-printing of Result listing per school (₦65,000)
  • Request for Certificate for Private Cand 2019 - Second Series to date (₦8,200)
  • Result Printout for revalidated result (₦13,000)
  • Verification of Result per candidate (for institutions, organisations etc) (₦2,600)
  • WAEC Digital Certificate (₦0)
  • Change of School Name (₦130,000)
  • General Enquiry/Complaint (₦1,300)
  • Late upload of entry per candidate (₦6,500)
  • Penalty for derecognition of school (₦250,000)
  • Penalty for late upload of CASS per student (₦6,500)
  • Request for lost candidate examination number (₦3,900)
  • Reset of Access Password (₦2,050)
  • Sale of Mathematical Tables per candidate (₦650)
  • Sale of WAEC Direct Result Checker (₦4,250)
  • Sale of WAEC Direct Result Checker (Bulk) (₦4,250)
  • Use of WAEC internet facility by school per candidate (₦1,500)
  • Very Late upload of entry (₦13,000)
  • Amendment of Entries for Private Candidates (₦6,500)
  • Chief Examiners' Report (₦6,500)
  • Chief Examiners Report per Copy (₦6,500)
  • Confirmation Of CASS Subjects upload (₦2,050)
  • Confirmation Of Entry and Registered Subjects (₦2,050)
  • Electronically Generated Photo Album (₦3,500)
  • General Enquiry/Complaint (₦1,300)
  • Guidelines for Recognition of school Booklet (₦13,000)
  • Inspection of Schools (₦325,000)
  • Low Candidature Logistics (₦39,000)
  • Offline Registration Pin (₦500)
  • Penalty for Additional Supervisor (₦39,000)
  • Re-Inspection of Schools (₦130,000)
  • Registration and Syllabus per copy (₦5,200)
  • Sale of Computer time for registration (₦910)
  • School Album - Hard copy (₦3,500)